Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Ossi and Team…

“Well… where do I start! I can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience this has been for us – mostly Taylor. You and your staff are first class all the way. Taylor never once complained about an appointment and always said that Dr. Ossi and everyone is so nice. We have recommended you to a lot of friends and will still continue to do so – we are going to miss seeing all of you! Taylor’s teeth look wonderful! Thank you so much.”

– The Aguayo Family

“Thank you for taking such good care of Troy as a patient. Not only have we received top care with Troy, but we also previously received great service with my husband who was a patient of Dr. Ossi. We will return again with my younger son. Thanks!”

– CF

“We have had a wonderful experience being a patient at Dr. Ossi’s office. We love him and the staff. Everyone has been so nice. I actually took Josh to another orthodontist in Jacksonville before seeing Dr. Ossi. I was not happy with the plans the other doctor had. Then we came here and are very happy that we did. Josh had his braces for 26 months and now his teeth look beautiful. Thank you so much!”

– The Ortolani’s

“I am pleased to say that I have had two great experiences at Dr. Ossi’s office. A few years ago, I personally had a full set of braces from Dr. Ossi. The staff was so friendly and actually made the visits so pleasurable that once my son needed braces there was no doubt as to where I was going to take him. Thank you staff and Dr. Ossi for taking good care of our family!”

– Joseph P.

“Kierra is my second child to have a beautiful smile given by Dr. Ossi and staff. Dr. Ossi’s office is a comfortable and friendly environment. I have recommended friends who have been totally satisfied and very impressed with the quality and professionalism.

I have a third child, which I intend to be bringing to the office very soon. Thank You!”

– Lisa M.

“I really can’t thank you enough for the tremendous service and excellent treatment I received during my 15 months with braces. Everything was so organized from the beginning to the end. Scheduling was very easy and the staff was always ready to answer any of my questions. The Dr. is very knowledgeable and knows what’s best for the patient and I was very pleased to have the privilege to work one and one with the Dr. at EVERY appointment. I recommended my cousin to you, and she is now a patient. We enjoy talking about the office and all of the positive things she will be seeing throughout her treatment. I have been getting tons of compliments on my teeth and new smile – and the other day I received the before and after photograph in the mail.

You have to be the best orthodontist team in Jacksonville – and I always enjoy talking about it with my friends who have braces! Thanks again!”

– Eric B.

“Dr. Ossi and staff are wonderful! This is my family’s second go-around with the experience of having braces. Both of my girls have had the privilege of having a dedicated and knowledgeable team ‘fix’ their smiles. We could not have asked for a better experience!”

– Susan B.

“We highly recommend OSSI Orthodontics for any orthodontic treatment care you may be considering. The entire staff has exhibited professionalism throughout every step of the process – from the first consultation to the day our daughter’s braces were removed. Dr. Ossi’s estimated date of duration to wear braces was quite accurate – 18 months. This was possible since we received excellent treatment as well as guidance/guidelines to follow all along the way. I’d also like to say thanks to Dr. Ossi and his staff for extending a smile and warm greeting every time we called for information about an appointment.”

-Marlene L.

“My experience with Dr. Ossi and staff has been absolutely extraordinary and commendable. My two- year experience with the OSSI Orthodontic team was excellent and very accommodating especially for being an armed forces service member who was constantly deployed throughout the duration of my treatment. Dr. Ossi and staff on several occasions worked around my hectic work schedule and the results were outstanding. Overall, my experience with the OSSI Orthodontic team was extremely pleasurable and I would recommend them whole-heartedly as I have done in the past.”

– Hector S.

“The service and treatment rec’d by Dr. Ossi and his staff has been nothing but excellent. Dr. Ossi has put together an awesome team that works very well together and provides excellent service to each patient. We have been extremely pleased with the entire experience and will most likely be seeing you again in the future when my younger son needs braces.”

– Janie W.

“We, the parents of Kevin and SharDae Lavant, were greeted with kindness and a smile from our first visit until the last. The patient care from Dr. Ossi and his staff was performed with the spirit of professional excellence. My children’s care went according to their individual progress in spite of the pre-plan schedule. My children looked forward to going to every appointment. The total care and end result of corrected treatment was above my expectations. We highly recommend Dr. Ossi and his staff as the office will take your smile to another level. Thank You!”

– The LaVant’s

“Dr. Ossi and his staff have been courteous and professional throughout the past 2 years. They definitely made wearing braces and adapting to the changes so much easier. It is so wonderful to have a doctor that offers so much personal attention to a patient as well as providing excellent treatment and results. Whenever I hear someone mention the need for braces, I always tell them about Dr. Ossi and our experience there. Thank you for making each appointment pleasant, rather than another trip to the orthodontist.”

– KG

“Kristina has had a wonderful experience here. She was very happy with everyone here. They have all been very nice. There was never a problem dragging her here. More than anything else, she is ecstatic about the results. As a parent it also has been a great experience. Everyone here has been extra nice. Appointments were always convenient for me as I have a very hectic schedule.

The office is cheery and kid conducive. Patient participation in contests was wonderful. Even my younger daughter, who is 5, loved coming here to play or color. And if she ever needs braces, this is the only place I would take her. Thank you so much for everything.”

– Teresa L.

“We chose OSSI Orthodontics, in part, based on the friendly customer service. The staff made us feel that they wanted our business and we were routinely welcomed with each office visit. The commitment of the entire staff to go beyond the basic clinical procedures is evident in the monthly newsletters, community gatherings, trivia contests, photo wall, etc. As our first child wraps up her treatment, our second is just beginning the process. We are at total ly at ease and know the best interests of our children are being met. With three more children to go, we look forward to many visits to OSSI Orthodontics.”

– JM

“The Staff at Dr. Ossi’s office was awesome! Everyone is always friendly and smiling. All of our appointments were ‘on time’ and lasted exactly the time we were told they would which was great for our busy schedules. It helped us plan. The staff was also very patient and helpful when it came to giving instructions (EX. How to put rubber bands on) and providing direction (brushing and flossing).

We also loved when the office went online. It was great receiving e-mail reminders, being able to confirm appointments, and making payments online. This was another great convenience for our busy lives.

Marc’s entire experience of wearing braces… start to finish… was a great one due to the compassionate, caring staff at OSSI Orthodontics!!!”

– Joy T.

“On our 1st visit, Michael had already been fitted with braces from Atlanta. Dr. Ossi immediately removed the braces and then we waited for the correct time to put the braces back on. We were really pleased with the new braces. As we progressed with the new braces, our visits each time were very pleasant. The staff is so sweet, professional and organized. Everything is so clean and neat. I love that.

I will be coming back with my daughter for another set very soon. Thank You”

– Carolyn D.

“Raising a boy is sometimes tough! Raising a boy who is wearing braces to fix a horrible overbite as well as large spaces between his teeth is even more difficult.

My mantra was ‘don’t eat that’, ‘don’t chew on that’, ‘do you have your bands on?’, ‘have you flossed today’? After several broken brackets and continued ‘gentle guidance’ from the staff, they are coming off today! I could not be happier with our experience. Scheduling was always easy. The staff was always friendly and professional. Service is almost a thing of the past, but here it is apparent that service is part of the mission. Thanks for everything!”

– Jeannie R.

“Dr. Ossi and his staff have been overwhelmingly wonderful and caring in the time we have been here under his care. I’ve never found a better orthodontist. We will be returning without hesitation and will remain with Dr. Ossi for the entire treatment of my other two children. I highly recommend Dr. Ossi and his wonderful staff.”

– Rena V.

“From the screening process to the day the braces came off, I’ve felt both Dr. Ossi and all of the staff have always acted in my son’s best interest. We were never rushed and my son never dreaded coming to the office for his ‘tune ups.’ The staff made it fun for him and the prices were very reasonable. I love that he will start high school with a beautiful smile. He has so much more confidence now!”

– SS

“The office and people who are working in it are simply the BEST. I was getting estimates from three orthodontists and the office of Dr. Ossi was the final and a great choice.

Three things that highlight this office among others:

  1. Professionalism: doctor and all of his assistants are extremely professional and take the work with the great attention to details. Nothing can pass their sharp eyes, they are focused.
  2. The time of the appointments is very well coordinated. Patients don’t need to wait at all in order for them to get seen by the doctor.
  3. When my braces were removed, everything was done very professionally and when I went to my hygienist she told me that Dr. Ossi did an outstanding job – nothing was left on my teeth (glue). She said she has seen patients from different offices and they always had something left on their teeth. I know – this is a small detail but again it speaks about how professional the office is.

My daughter is 4 years old and I already know where she will be going to get her braces. Thank you a lot for everything and I wish you many years of success. Your patient with the great smile!”

– EK