Meet the Staff

Dr. Ossi’s staff brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to the practice. Each team member imparts a different strength to create a caring, technologically advanced, positive environment.


New Patient Consultant

Appointment Coordinator

Financial Administrator / Insurance Specialist

I have been with our practice since day one! I joined the team with five years of dental experience and am a reliable team member who fulfills many roles in the office. I have so much respect for Dr. Ossi’s approach to treatment, especially his honesty regarding the patient’s best interest when recommending the proper time to start treatment. I interact with patients and parents a lot and am fulfilled by their feedback about the office. I love hearing that we’ve made their appointments as enjoyable as possible while still achieving an extraordinary smile.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant and Trainer

New Patient Consultant

I am a caring and cheerful assistant who joined in 2003 and brought 22 years of invaluable orthodontic experience, making me a key player in the assistant training program. I enjoy working with Dr. Ossi for his exceptional quality of work, high integrity in his workmanship, considerate manner with the patients, and in keeping up with technological advances. I feel fortunate to work with Dr. Ossi and value his integrity towards staying on track with the expected length of treatment time due to planning the correct treatment, starting at the proper time, and managing the progress of treatment at every appointment.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant / Lab Technician

New Patient Consultant

I like to think of myself as multi-talented and detail-oriented! I wear many hats in the office ranging from working on new and current patients to fabricating orthodontic appliances in the lab. I have been a happy member of the OSSI Orthodontics team since 2005. I enjoy working with Dr. Ossi for his excellent quality of work, perfectionist’s attitude, and attention to detail, not only regarding the straightening of teeth, but in a patient’s profile and facial features as well.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Appointment Coordinator

Practice Administrator

Mine is the first friendly face that you will see as you enter the office. I am characterized by my energy and spark and enjoy making each person’s experience at OSSI Orthodontics a positive one that they will remember forever. Since 2006, I have appreciated the special attention given to each and every patient by Dr. Ossi. I am proud to work at OSSI Orthodontics because of our office’s commitment to patient satisfaction and respect for our patients’ time. Creative as can be, I also enjoy showing my talent in our fun contests and activities to keep our patients motivated.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

I am a true people person and love working with patients, whether they are adults or children. Working at OSSI Orthodontics since 2005, I’ve always taken the time to be as gentle as possible while working with each individual. I also love seeing all the beautiful smiles that we’ve made to last a lifetime! My favorite aspect about being a member of this team is the great care with which Dr. Ossi treats our patients. I am always sure to refer my friends and neighbors to our office. In fact, my son will begin his own orthodontic treatment this summer!


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

I have been with OSSI Orthodontics since 2011 as a dependable, honest, and hardworking team member. I’m always willing to lend a hand and am very easy-going and patient. I love that Dr. Ossi truly cares for his patients; his integrity and professionalism really shine through in everything he does! He’s also dedicated to continuing his education and keeping up with the latest technology.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

I am a reliable assistant with a strong sense of team spirit!  One of my strengths is making patients feel comfortable while I assist Dr. Ossi.  I am proud to work with Dr. Ossi because of his genuine concern for outstanding treatment results in every patient.  I also like the fact that he always takes the time to keep each patient updated regarding their treatment progress.

Marie Louise

Director of Business Continuous Improvement

I am analytical and practical at the same time, viewing orthodontics from a different perspective, an engineering one. I joined OSSI Orthodontics in 2004. I have a Master of Science degree in biochemical engineering and although my previous and current jobs are quite different, they share one common goal: to exceed customer expectations, not just satisfy them. In order to achieve that, I maintain high standards to provide our patients with the best quality of care. I love knowing that many dentists choose Dr. Ossi for their children’s orthodontic treatment because of his quality of work. I am constantly searching for ways to provide our patients with an overall pleasant experience. I love giving our patients many reasons to smile!